Zero Appliances 20L Gas Water Heater

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Zero Appliances 20 L Gas Water Heater

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Capacity Comsumption

6 per minute 1.13kg/hr
8 l per minute 1.5 kg/hr
10 l per minute 1.88 kg/hr
12 l per minute 2.25 kg/hr
16 l per minute 3 kg/hr
20 l per minute 3.75 kg/hr


Gas Type: LPG
Gas Pressure: 2800 Pa/2000 Pa/2.8 kPa
Means of Exhaust: By Flue Pipe
Control Method: Fully Automatic
Automatic Flame Failure Protection, Over Temperature & Over Pressure protection
Over Heating Prevention and Anti-Frost Function
Protection against Blow Out Combustion, and Hard Water
20 Minutes built-in Time Device and Indicator
Double Pulse Ignition System with High Ignition Efficiency


*****Flue pipes and fittings will be provided by your qualified gas installer in accordance to your needs

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 290 x 500 x 780 mm


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